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This little mini-site of mine is going through a bit of an identity crisis. Let's see where it goes...

There are a number of photo-related websites that I frequent. These include,, and They are all pretty different from each other -

  • has been around a long time, and is a pretty big mix of analog & digital, newbie and veteran, nice and mean
  • is dedicated to analog, which means it's really, really in-depth but can be, at times, a bit territorial
  • is still a bit new to me. The fact that it's a particular type of equipment makes it a bit different, of course
  • is an offshoot by CE Nelson on He became frustrated with the direction of the classic cameras forum there, so started his own. Not nearly as much activity or members, but still a good site.
  • is a strange one. Enough members to be interesting, but not enough to justify the 25-30 forums. There just isn't enough actiivty in any one of them.
  • - the best digital photography one out there. Not much digital will be talked about on my site, but it's a great resources.

The one thing in common about all three is that they have great discussion forums. They all cover a wide-range, from b&w processing to digital to large format to lenses.

As my knowledge of photography has increased, I have tried hard to make solid contributions to these communities. I try to pass on the knowledge about this developer or that, about a technique or type of equipment, etc. However, one thing that frustrates me is how, when I need to describe how to load a reel, I can't seem to find a good illustrated guide. Or, when I want to demonstrate the grain pattern on this or that, I can never find a 100% crop of that film/dev combination.

Thus was born this page. I hope to use this page as a single, ongoing resource for this information.